Svetlana Erpyleva
Svetlana Erpyleva is a sociologist, a researcher with Public Sociology Laboratory, Centre for Independent Social Research (Russia), and a post-doctoral researcher at the Research Centre for East European Studies, University of Bremen. She received her PhD in Social Sciences from the University of Helsinki. Her research focuses on protest movements and collective action, political involvement, political socialization, youth and children's political participation and cognition in Russia and abroad.
Svetlana's articles have been published in American Journal of Cultural Sociology, Journal of Youth Studies, Current Sociology, Qualitative Psychology, the International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society, Childhood, a number of Russian academic journals, and Russian and international media. She is also a co-author of the collective monograph Politics of Apoliticals (2015, in Russian) and a co-editor of the analytical report The War Near and Far (2023, lmverlag). Svetlana took part in PS Lab projects on political mobilizations in Russia and Ukraine and the war in the Donbas region. Currently, she coordinates a large-scale research project on how Russians perceive the current war in Ukraine.
Selected Publications

Erpyleva, S (2023). "Too immature for politics?" Political agency in the eyes of Russian adolescent protesters, 2011–20. Childhood (open access)

Erpyleva, S. (2023). Protest event, political culture, and the power of biography: the post-protest local activism in Russia. American Journal of Cultural Sociology (open access).

Alyukov, M., & Erpyleva, S. (2022). Collective cognitive tasks as a method for studying political reasoning. Qualitative Psychology, 9(1), 27-44.

Erpyleva, S. (2021). Active citizens under Eighteen: minors in political protests. Journal of Youth Studies, 24(9), 1215-1233.

Erpyleva, S. (2021). Are Children Born Social Actors? Forum for Anthropology and Culture, 16, 39-47.

Zhuravlev, O., Savelyeva, N., & Erpyleva, S. (2020). The cultural pragmatics of an event: the politicization of local activism in Russia. International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society, 33, 163-180.

Erpyleva, S. (2018). Freedom's children in protest movements: Private and public in the socialization of young Russian and Ukrainian activists. Current Sociology, 66(1), 20-37.


Erpyleva, S., Kappinen, S. (May 3, 2023). Accepting the inevitable. POSLE.

Erpyleva, S., & Zhuravlev, O. (2023). Nicht Befürworter:innen und nicht Gegner:innen: Wie verändert sich bei der Bevölkerung in Russland mit der Zeit die Wahrnehmung des Krieges in der Ukraine? Russland-Analysen 434.

Erpyleva, S. (March 14, 2023). 'Once we've started, we can't stop': how Russians' attitudes to the war in Ukraine are changing. Re: Russia.

Erpyleva, S. (April 16, 2022) Why do Russians support the war against Ukraine? OpenDemocracy.

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