Ilya Matveev
Ilya Matveev is a political scientist. He is an associate professor at the North-West Institute of Management RANEPA (St Petersburg, Russia) and a member of the Public Sociology Laboratory, Center for Independent Social Research (Russia). He defended his dissertation at the Moscow State University in 2013, as well as studied at the European University in St Petersburg and UC Berkeley (USA). His research focuses on Russian politics and political economy: state-business relations, the welfare state, inequality, and ideological conflicts. His articles have been published in Europe-Asia Studies, Demokratizatsiya, South Atlantic Quarterly, Oxford Handbook of Economic Imperialism, and others. He writes for the popular media and hosts a podcast (with Ilya Budraitskis) called The Political Diary. The podcast covers Russian and world politics, economy, and culture from a leftist perspective.
Selected Publications

Matveev, I., & Zhuravlev, O. (2021). Loft offices and factory towns: Social sources of political polarization in Russia. Socialialist Register, 58, 221-240.

Matveev, I. (2021). Between political and economic imperialism: Russia's shifting global strategy. Journal of Labour and Society. Epub ahead of print 8 November.

Matveev, I., Novkunskaya, A. (2020). Welfare restructuring in Russia since 2012: National trends and evidence from the regions. Europe-Asia Studies. Epub ahead of print 21 October.

Matveev, I. (2020). Benefits or services? Politics of welfare retrenchment in Russia, 2014–2017. East European Politics, 37(3), 534-551.

Matveev, I. (2019). Big business in Putin's Russia: Structural and instrumental power. Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization, 27(4), 401–422.

Matveev, I. (2014). The "two Russias" culture war: Constructions of the "people" during the 2011- 2013 protests. South Atlantic Quarterly, 113(1), 186–195.

Book Chapters

Matveev, I. (2020). State, capital, and the transformation of the neoliberal policy paradigm in Putin's Russia. In The global rise of authoritarianism in the 21st century. Crisis of neoliberal globalization and the nationalist response. Routledge.

Matveev, I. (2018). Stability's end: The political economy of Russia's intersecting crises since 2009. In Crises in the Post‐Soviet Space: From the Dissolution of the Soviet Union to the Conflict in Ukraine (pp. 139–154). Routledge.


Matveev, I. (August 21, 2019). In Russia, the fight Is alive. Jacobin.
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